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Snowshoe Hiking

A nature experience in its purest form.

It is the solitary silence of the snowy winter forest. It is you who draws the first track through the untouched snow….
Originally, the snowshoes facilitated the motion of the Scandinavian nomads and the Inuits in Greenland and North America.
Today, snowshoe hiking has become a winter sport of its own. Depending on your personal preferences and aims, snowshoe hiking can either be a relaxing activity during which you enjoy the landscape or an adventurous and exhausting sport.

Snowshoe hiking technique

You fix the “snowshoes” under your feet. This prevents your feet from sinking into the deep powder snow and facilitates your motion.
We have collected some beautiful snowshoe tours for you!
You can download the altitude profiles if you click on the tour in the left column.

Guided snowshoe hikes are offered by:

  • Ski- und Snowboardschule Reit im Winkl - Winklmoos
    Dorfstr. 38a, Tel. +49 8640 8358
  • Hausberg Ski- und Snowboardschule
    Dorfstsr. 36, Tel. +49 8640 798787
  • Die Langlaufschule Reit im Winkl
    Tiroler Str. 11, Tel. +49 8640 798688
  • Chiemgau Sports
    Dorfstr. 29, Tel. +49 8640 8102

Snowshoe rental in Reit im Winkl:

  • Intersport Skihütte, Tiroler Str. 2, Tel. +49 8640 7969290
  • Sport Dorner, Tiroler Str. 11, Tel. +49 8640 798688
  • Hausberg Skiverleih, Dorfstr. 36, Tel. +49 8640 798787
  • Berggasthof Sonnenalm, Winklmoos-Alm, Tel. +49 8640 79720

The snowshoe hiking routes of Reit im Winkl are located in an alpine terrain which is not under constant surveillance and control. Therefore, special caution, alpine experience and appropriate equipment are indispensable. It is necessary to consider the weather situation beforehand and provide yourself with suitable guidance (hiking maps etc.).

Snowshoe hiking tours